Zara Kinda Ripped Off The Adidas Yeezy Boost, But They’re Also Kinda Awesome

words // Nick DePaula:

In the world of fast fashion, the very dynamic of how massive companies like H&M and Zara operate is pretty straightforward. They look to other brands that set trends at higher price points, and then deliver seemingly similar products for a fraction of the price and in a quick-turn timeline while the trend is still going — and consumers love it.

It’s a strategy that’s helped both companies rake in annual revenues of over $20 Billion each.

While it’s typically the clothing that most are copping, we’ve seen Zara in more recent time draft off of known sneakers for their footwear assortment too. Just last year, they released a sleekened dress sneaker that clearly took inspiration from the KD 7’s molded collar, of all things. 

Now, it looks like the lines, laces, silhouette and midsole styling of last year’s much-loved adidas Yeezy Boost is helping to influence a new Zara sneaker.

To be completely fair, I think it’s a hot shoe.

They’re not available on the Zara site just yet, but are apparently making their way to stores now. We’ll be sure to update you once they’re available, and for the record, I’ll probably be picking up a size 13 too.

Coincidentally, Kanye has been a fairly outspoken fan of the Zara business model, even once saying, “There’s no money in innovation. The money is in the repetition.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on Zara’s footwear line going forward, as they might have additional “inspired” silhouettes on the way.