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[Suakaonline]-Making the language as a fun aspect to be studied. That is the main purpose of Lembaga Pengembangan Bahasa (LPB) UIN SGD Bandung that cooperate with Regional English Language Office, U.S. Embassy Jakarta to organize the International Workshop on the Auditorium of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities UIN SGD Bandung, on Saturday (22/12).

The event with the theme “Learning Teaching English in Fun Way”, inviting a pair of Native Speakers namely Dr. Michael Kelley and Lori Kelley as direct speakers who present a material about the Autonomous Learning.

“Autonomos Learning is a learning system where students take the initiative, be motivated and able to accept responsibility for their learning in a way that they want, this is a student-centered system. So they can learn without getting bored,” Dr. Michael Kelley said in his presentation.

International workshop was also held small group simulations as a freshment and also as a training for the participants to implementate theirselves into a fun-way teaching learning system in English.

Considering the enthusiasm of the participants, Nailul Author, as the organizer of the International Workshop hopes after the workshop, the participants can get more knowlagde and then be able to implementate it well, and they also more glad when they are learning English.

Responding to some students who can not follow the International workshop, Nailul apologize for system quota restrictions in this workshop is intended to make the workshop going effectively and to avoid overload audience.

“We anticipate the number of participants to avoid overload quota for making the workshop can be more effective. So we limit the number of participants only for a hundred people,” said Nailul to SUAKA after the workshop.


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